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I’m thrilled you are visiting. Keep reading below to discover my photography vision, goals, and a bit about me.


In this day of filters and Photoshop, post-processors and editors, it may difficult to believe or even discern when a photograph is representing what the photographer witnessed. I would rather spend hours driving to a location and waiting for the image I see, than manipulate the scene into existence on a computer. Give me two hours in nature rather than with a mouse. My hope is that you join me in celebrating realism in my photographs. There are always exceptions but as a general rule and focus, I try to stay true to the scene I saw.


Some day, I hope the majority of my images produce the following remarks:

“I’ve never seen that before.”

“That’s a new composition of a familiar place!”

Without going into too much detail about what unique means, I hope to draw people into my photo booths and galleries because it’s new. As an idealist, I believe it’s possible. I also have several images already that elicit the above comments. It’s a great challenge with so many cameras and photographers. I invite you on this adventure with me and to remark if any photographs in my galleries achieve this goal.


I am internally motivated to get new images, especially when someone says they have a similar shot. I am instantly thinking how I can prevent that from happening. When a location becomes popular, as beautiful as it may be, I will likely avoid it as I have already experienced photograph fatigue. Besides this social awareness, the earth is too beautiful not share with others. Having someone purchase a print is always a mixture of humility and joy.


After playing with my family’s cameras while growing up, I bought my first dslr in 2016 because I just needed a quality camera better than a point-and-shoot for my trip to Iceland.

In November 2017, I began to devote my ambition to learning photography, taking on trips and using time previously devoted to other hobbies. I committed 2018 to capturing all seasons all around Minnesota and am thankful to have gathered so much color that year. My consistent love for the outdoors drives this creative outlet. While I love going to popular places, my joy is in visiting the uncommon ones.

An interesting fact about my photography is that photographing winter is my favorite season.  I’ve embraced Minnesota’s cold winters and find the ice to such a transformative force upon the landscape, that differs more than the other seasons’ powers.

I’m always testing my composition and focus quite heavily on flow, balance, mirroring, edges, corners and so much more. Grabbing a well-composed photo rivals capturing glorious light.

Beyond the art, beyond the sale, my photography goals are to be an encouraging, positive, and supportive force in the local Minnesota photographer community. That being said, do browse my images on my website and email me at if you want a print.

I specialize in metal and slate prints.

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